“Are You Ready to Experience a Power Surge of Principled Chiropractic TRUTH?”

Join 6 TOP Convicted Chiropractic Leaders who will Light your Purpose on FIRE!

NOW is the time to Create a Chiropractic LIFESTYLE Movement!


People are losing trust in the government and pharmaceutical companies.

The medical model is crashing in on itself.

More people are questioning medical treatment, vaccinations in general than ever before!

The world is THIRSTING for your Chiropractic LIFESTYLE message NOW!

The general public and people in YOUR community are seeking a health care model they can trust, Keep their family SAFE and Healthy under ALL conditions.

Chiropractic LIFESTYLE Revolution!

“Creating a Principled Chiropractic Movement.”

June 24th, 2023

9 am – 12:15 pm PST

Dr. Fred DiDomenico

“4 Principles to 90%
LIFESTYLE Patients.”

Dr. Doug DiSiena

“Chiropractic LIFESTYLE, the Answer to the Medical Crisis.”

Dr. Neil Cohen

“Living the Principle.”

Dr. Chris Zaino

“Power of Uniqueness.”

Dr. Joe Borio

“Crooked is Sick.”

Dr. Adam DelTorto

“The Principle IS the Truth.”

Dr. Fred DiDomenico

“You ARE the LIFESTYLE Movement.”

Love You ALL because we ALL Love the same thing, Chiropractic for LIFE!

Dr. Fred, Dr. Doug, Dr. Neil, Dr. Chris, Dr. Joe, Dr. Adam

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